Sedentary living is a prescription for dying.

Exercise on the other hand, is a godsend to the living.

The fruit of exercise is the metabolic efficiency that results in long-term, improved health. Self-care is a lifestyle based on exercise.

Self-care is a system in which the patient is the one responsible for making decisions, not their doctor. And the most important decision they make is to exercise.

This medical philosophy is limited to the fortunate few, the perspiration junkies who reject medical dogma and disease-treating physicians and want to take control over their health.

I am sorry for those who are unable to take advantage of seld-care because they are already too far unhealthy to make the transition. They instead are forced to depend on prescription medication to manage their poor health without any hope of reversing it.

Cessation of exercise is the beginning of the end.

In adults, it signals the precipitous decline called aging and its inevitable march towards death. In children, lack of exercise is a death sentence. It atrophies their muscles and numbs their brains.

The younger they are when they stop moving, the worse they respond. Their bodies and brains, unable to handle the distress They are easily distracted into one behavioral trap or another.

When exercise is not regularly performed during childhood, disease follows in adulthood. It’s the equivalent of an early death sentence.

Never mind how much they learn in school, success and unhealthy is not success.

Parents can’t depend on schools to save their kids.

Health begins and ends with exercise. Provide the proper nutrients to fuel it and allow the body to recover from it.

Food, fluids and rest.

It’s so frigging simple.

Health flows from exercise. Exercise is good for the body, assuming of course, that the body is provided with all the nutrients it needs to drive and refuel and the body is in the shape needed to withstand the most demanding of metabolic circumstances.

The body runs on automatic pilot during exercise. It doesn’t need an increase in processing power by the brain, it needs lots of water and carbohydrates and a little fat.

Common sense and sensible choices are all that are needed to keep the machine running smoothly. Athletes need only feed its engine with colorful foods and H2O.

The same principal applies after exercise. Get out of the way and let the body heal itself. Exercise and movement defines good health. Athletes seek nirvana when they exercise and find spirituality in their pounding chests and racing hearts.

Praying and meditation may achieve peace of mind and provide a strong calmative effec, which is useful in opposing stress, It may even save their souls. But without daily movement, the life they lead is doomed to disease.

Doctors are trained to treat disease. Doctors only become aware of disease when symptoms appear or indications show up on medical tests. Tests ordered by doctors to detect what the Ancients described as imbalances.

Imbalances in lipids, sugars or enzymes are treated with drugs.

Imbalances in immunity and inflammation are treated with a different group of drugs.

The assumption being, that drugs treat physiological imbalances better than plants or the other modalities of healing (yoga, Pilates, acupuncture).

Healthy athletes don’t need drugs to restore balance they are already in balance. They move, stretch and live healthy lives.

Unhealthy, non-athletes for the most part, are sedentary zombies. They make excuses for why they don’t exercise. They turn to drugs to maintain their ill state. Their sedentary state depends on doctors to manage symptoms. The healthy stay on autopilot.