America is the epicenter of a world-wide plague; an epidemic of nutritional illnesses that threatens everyone, especially children.

Diabetes, obesity and heart disease are rampant in this new, brave new world. And when you add cancer, drug addiction and mental dyfunctions, it is obvious that we as a nation have taken a wrong turn.

Childhood in America should now come with a Black Box Warnng, the kind that's on the label of drugs. Only in this case, it is childhood and growing up in America that poses the danger.

Growing up in America is a very unhealthy prospect. The unmitigated freedom afforded businesses to undermine the health of our children is a constitutional scandal. They have perferted out precious freedoms into a rubber stamp of their outrageous methods and products.

The madness must stop.

 Being sick is the norm for people who don't exercise. 

Exercise is the only cure for them and for this plague.

Schools and businesses need to put less emphasis on efficiency and academic excellence and start using health and fitness as criteria for advancement.

By making kids exercise, schools will be improving children's health and by requiring workers to exercise, businesses will be lowering the costs of their care.

Politicians and health-care professionals can argue all they want about how to best pay for medical treatment but the fact remains, better risk management won't improve the health of Americans. Only exercise can do that.

Ill-Americans are a growing concern because treating them is a burden not even a healthy economy could carry. This nation needs to dismantle the assembly-line machinery that creates unhealthy people.  We need to prevent kids from becoming ill teenagers and then on to sick young-adults. It doesn't look like we are doing a very good job of it.

Reforming health-care may have been a long, overdue necessity, but in the long-run, even universal coverage won't make people healthier. It will at least make being ill, more humane. But thst is not going to get this nation off of the fiscal cliff that caring for ill people has put us on. Unless we decide to allow people to choose to die, the costs of extending life by even six months is astronomicsl and unsustainable. And as technology improves, the health care system wil extend ill-life even longer.

The businesses, whose business is to manufacture, market and distribute unhealthy foods must be made to stop. Behavior that led to their consumption must be altered. As long as busineses are permitted to target unprotected children for attack, children will continue to grow ill.

All is not lost, other busineses will make and deliver treatments for the ill. These businesses will flourish and their lobbyists will help expand medical entitlement even more.

Relying on accounting to improve the health of Americans is doomed to failure. Notwithstanding the many medical miracles performed by brilliant doctors, there is very little hope for the chroniclly ill. We need to protect children. They and the not-yet born Americans are the ones that need our attention. They are the future and we have ruined it for them.

Living a typical American life is an early death sentence. Like they said about cigarettes decades ago 'the only product that kills you when used as directed', childhood in America is a crap-shoot. Some make it, most don't.

Staying healthy during childhood is essential to long-term health.  Those that make it to adulthood in good health will need to keep exercising and eating well. Those that succumb to sedentary pressures like work, bills and family, and stop exercising, will at the least, age more rapidly. Those are the lucky ones. 

The ill will either have to change their life or they will die. Billions of health-care dollars to extend life for six months. That will be a thing of the past. America is headed for some real draconian measures or ninety percent tax brackets.

My advice is not to become a victim of this plague.

Prevention is based on eliminating medical malfeasance by avoiding behavior based on excessive consumption. The one, overriding message to young people is, stay healthy.

Despite its wealth, or rather on account of it, America is on the precipice of disaster. A disaster of its own making. Illnesses of over-consumption are diseases of choice. This is the real threat to the future of this nation.

Reducing payments to third parties, cutting bureaucratic red tape or even establishing s single payer provider, is not going to get us out of this mess. Unhealthy people are the problem. And until preventing them from becoming sick becomes a profitable enterprise, their bodies will continue to deterioate

Sedentary life, poor nutrition and unhealthy behavioral habits have made Americans, victims. They suffer from any one of a triad of nutritional diseases; obesity, diabetes and heart disease; sometimes all three. Each disease a reflection of an over-consumption of either fat or carbohydrate.

The only way an epidemic like this, one fueled by consumerism, the engine of our economy, can ever be halted is by altering the behavior that led to the excess consumption in the first place.  One way to accomplish that is to make it unprofitable to the businesses that live off consumption. And that is not very likely.

Prevention of disease is the mantra and soul of this website.

Diseases can be prevented, injuries can be minimized, aging can be delayed. Self healing works! It just a matter of genetics and lifestyle as to how well.


Athletes have the best hope to achieve the unreachable. Immortality.

For them, the promised land is a fleeting moment in time when the autopilot responds to the monumental demands of exercise and massive release of neurotransmitters to effect sublime movement. Improvement in performance is due to this molecular adaptation.

Exercise is the trigger that unleashes the body's self healing forces.

An athlete’s metabolic, immunological and psychological systems, improve with constant exercise. Like herbs, the power of the body to heal itself and make itself stronger is based on a cumulative effect.

This is a life-long-commitment.

Exercise also promotes a receptor-filled endorphin rush, the natural high of athletes.

This euphoric feeling coupled to physical exhaustion, produces a state of grace achieved only by those who actively, sincerely, desperately, lovingly and drudging exercise.

Those fortunate and talented enough to devote their career, as well as trust their lives in this effort, will reach that rarest of heights, maximum health.

Athletes understand what makes exercise so special. Exercise represents the highest form of human expression. Athletes are praying when they move.

Athletes achieve ecstasy when they exercise, which is followed by the agony of strains, sprains and tears.

Recovering from these injuries is the justification for much of the drug use by athletes.

Drugs like amphetamines repress appetite and are addictive drugs. Athletes cheat with them because it improves oxygen delivery and stimulates adrenalin.

Among the drugs most abused by athletes, are the steroids. They and growth hormone build muscle. This is turn speeds recovery and improves strength.

There is no reward worth the damage that steroids cause. There are however conditions in which the judicious use of these drugs are beneficial to health by delaying the onset of aging.

Aging, that point in life when the body or the mind begins its precipitous decline, can be delayed.

The goal of viewers is to delay that moment for as long as possible, to die young... as late in life as possible. I would be remiss if I didn’t point out that performance enhancement drugs or PEDs when used to replace declining hormone levels, is one way to achieve that end. Growth hormone for example is for the most part, a healthy drug. While it is a banned method to improve performance, GH can prevent aging and speed recovery. Should patients be prevented from obtaining these life-extending drugs just because professional athletes can gain an unfair advantage from them?