Metabolic Ecstacy

The Athlete’s Diet is a program based on sound nutrition and exercise.

It was written to educate athletes on the best ways to improve health, avoid injury and delay aging.  

It is a form of Self-care and is best summed up by the statement 'Improved fitness extends life'.

Food and herbs are its medicine. Exercise is its healing stimulant.

Plants improve athletic performance and provide botanical anti-inflammatory compounds needed to promote recovery.


The antioxidants contained in food minimize free radical damage to joints, nerves, and blood vessels.

This improves flexibility, focus and vision, or at least delays their deterioration.

Plant's contain a library of colorful pigments embedded in its fibers. They provide the best fuel to drive exercise.

Plant-based foods imrove performance and prevent disease.

Plant-based foods help athletes remain healthy, longer.

Health is a state of balance best realized during exercise.

Exercise forces an increase in the metabolic rate a thousand fold.

The consequence of stimulating an athlete’s metabolic systems improves immune function, enhances oxygen delivery and burns more calories.

The improved biochemistry that results is responsible for preventing disease and prolonging life.

Exercise has the unique ability to mobilize all of the body’s resources towards one goal, physical movement.

This metabolic ecstasy diverts attention away from the unpleasantness of life.

Exercise is a healthy, behavioral addiction.

The endorphins released, bind with the same receptors that narcotics and other drugs bind to.


Exercise is a cool drug.

Exercise on a daily basis is the best preventive strategy for health.

Athletes exercise regularly, unhealthy people don’t.

The Athlete’s Diet differs from all other diet programs by exercise being its required, essential component.

Whether the athlete is active in the course of their workday or squeezes workouts before dinner, all athletes need colorful nutrition

An athlete is defined as anyone who engages regularly in strenuous exercise. This is not meant to imply that casual exercise has no value. On the contrary, even as little as twenty minutes a week provides some stimulation to the cardiovascular and immunological systems. It’s just not enough to be classified as an athlete.

Good health requires vigorous activity.

Exercise and its metabolic consequences produce a state of good health.

Sedentary activity and injury produce illness or the disease state.

Exercise performance is directed by the hormonal and neuronal centers in their brain.  Athletes who better meet the conditions on the molecular level during exercise will execute movements better and thus improve performance.

How well they meet these conditions afterwards determines how soon they will recover.

The ability to fuel exercise, recover and prepare for the next session determines health and fitness. The diet that best supports exercise, best supports health.

The Athlete’s Diet de-emphasizes the importance of fuel proportions in maintaining weight and stresses instead the importance of complex carbohydrates and the colored pigments of fruits and vegetables.


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