An Athlete's Diet

Diet is the sum total of all activities. Diet does not refer simply to the foods we eat but like the Ancient Greeks, includes activity and exercise as well.  Exercise on a... Read more

Coffee Berries

Coffea trees are one of the world’s most valued plants.  Coffee trees are limited to subtropical and tropical climates because they are unable to tolerate freezing.  The berries on the trees contain... Read more



The Athlete’s Diet is a program based on sound nutrition and exercise. It was written to educate athletes on the best ways to improve health, avoid injury and delay aging.   It... Read more

Peak Performance

 These pages are a digest of the essential facts regarding exercise nutrition and natural performance enhancement. It covers dieting and recommends an anti-aging strategy to help athletes remain young as... Read more


Plant-based Diet

The best diet to prevent disease is built on plants. Plant foods repress inflammation and interfere with cancer's ability to grow. Plants have both anti-Inflammatory and anti-cancer activity. Thos diet is designed for... Read more


The term inflammation is derived from the Latin expression' to set on fire'. Inflammation is a complex series of chemical events involving vascular tissue (blood vessels). Inflammation is the body’s response... Read more

Female Athletes

Female Athletes

Women have been part of the main stream exercise world for some time now. But exercise nutrition, as it pertains specifically to women, is lacking. In general, the best way to... Read more

Aging & Fat

One of the unfortunate changes that accompany aging is an increase in body fat. Increased body fat is the single greatest reason why so many women chose to diet.   Abdominal fat increases... Read more


American Still Life

America is the epicenter of a world-wide plague; an epidemic of nutritional illnesses that threatens everyone, especially children. Diabetes, obesity and heart disease are rampant in this new, brave new world. And when... Read more

Heart Disease

A half a million Americans undergo coronary bypass surgery each year. There are also many others who are treated with surgery as a 'preventive strategy' to remove the arterial plaque that... Read more